The World Cup

I am talking about the men’s rugby world cup the game that unites the world rather than throws racist abuse as its older version deems to do. What a result in the final! I think it can be summed up with the Cape Town air traffic controllers giving the night’s BA flight to London the following:

Good evening Speedbird heavy this is Bok in control you are assigned the squark number 1232!

The only two things I do not understand or like are: why did the ITV coverage show what appeared to be two SA dressing room celebrations, one black one, one white one. as the song goes! Secondly what was the EFF tweet all about?

The last time SA won the world cup it did so much to help Madiba’s vision of a rainbow nation, and so it should this time, but then times change and for the vast majority of SA citizens there has been no change and will be no change.

Wonderful result!

To Brexit or not to Brexit that is Brexshit!

Well here we are the first day of Mr Boris lying dead in a ditch, as we left the UK left the EU yesterday, no ifs no buts.

It doesn’t feel any different. The sun rose this morning, as it did yesterday, the sea is still there swaying gently back and forth. Our water baby is still enjoying swimming and chasing cats.

On the 13th of June 2016 the British people voted in the majority to leave the EU. Fact!
The campaign was based on fact. Not at all!
Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. England and Wales voted to leave. Fact!
The results were directly propotional to the age of the voter. Fact!
So what is important?

This Brexit thing is not going to affect the old farts much, cos we all be dead like! But the youngsters, those what were draged up in the modern world like, dey are de future man. Dey more worried weder dare phone work cheapuh at de concerts abroad, init? Dey erd iit dat Britaain were once great, but iit ain’t no more see. An dis Gibraltaar fing wats dat all about man? Why we gok bits uh land not attached to Britaain wot is Brittish? It daft init mate?

Like it or not it is dem, sorry them, who will live through the simple majority vote to leave the EU. But I say life is not simple!

The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain!

Oh no it doesn’t! Il pleut comme vache qui pisse all the way from Bellerby, under La Manche, OK so it didn’t, strictly speaking, rain in the tunnel, but it did rain all the way through France and then through to Puntas de Calnegre.

The only respite was on the day we crossed from France to Spain, and so out came the sun and the revolting Catalans. They were doing the revolting, not that they themselves were revolting but then I suppose that might depend on your politics and point of view. Any which way round we spent 5 hours to navigate through a blockage of lorries, poids lordes, camiones or trucks up over and back again.

All this time our little Nica was as good as gold, A few squeaks from her on board apartment as we neared destinations, but other than that what a fabulous girl she has been. Of all the beds she slept on on the way down the first in the middle of a wood was her favourite.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Well this is where we have got to Puntas de Calnegre (points of black lime!), arriving on 22nd October, and staying put until the 19th November. Our home here consists of a fisherman’s cottage with two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and bathroom! Sounds like the loo is next to the cooker, well it’s not, not quite.

Outside is a small back yard and a gurty great big beach. We are practically the only people here, so why so few houses but lots of restaurants? Friday afternoon arrives with increased activity. A restaurant that has been closed, opens. The Faro de Puntas extends to block our view. Hmmm what’s up Doc? Saturday arrives and so does half of Spain. Boats, cars, motorbikes and on foot they pour in, eat, drink, make merry and reluctantly leave. Sunday provides a repeat with even more people, if that were possible. And so onto Monday when peace reigns once more, only one bar open, and very few people. So now we know why there are many restaurants in our ghost town.